Green Tribes Manufacturing

About Us

Technology continues to change at a rapid pace. Core principles and values are always a constant. Green Tribes continues to hold the principles that Kanu Patel brought to the United States decades ago. As a leading chemist in the Professional Beauty Industry, Kanu never wavered from his core principles of formulations that benefit the scalp for healthy hair growth resulting in beautiful hair. Green Tribes continues his legacy with leading the industry in Clean Beauty formulations and CBD innovations for personal care without compromising Kanu’s core principles.


Our proprietary amino acid complex was developed so the amino acids form a stronger and longer chain, resulting in deeper penetration into the cortex of the hair. At the core of this technology is a unique covalent bond, when combined with our unique delivery system, results in a more efficient reparative process, leaving the hair in better condition. This complex is also designed to create a healthy scalp environment and encourage hair growth.