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The way Brands stay relevant is not just marketing;
it starts with what’s in the bottle.

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Private Label

text-For Marketing Specialists that want to focus on their Brand through Sales & Marketing and have a turn-key finished product.

Semi Custom

For Marketing Specialists that want to decide on fragrance and marketing ingredients to confirm their Brand strategy.

Full Custom

For entrepreneurs that have a clear vision for the finished product performance and wants to build the products from the ground up.

Contract Manufacturing

For Chemist and Innovation Specialists that have a finalized formula. Green Tribes can produce their proprietary formula under the required specifications.

Value Proposition

The consumer is educated on the ingredients being used in the products they are purchasing more than ever before. Brands need to make sure they have a partner to ensure they stay on top of the latest trends. Whether it is Clean Personal Care, the CBD revolution, or the next big trend; Brands need a resource that can deliver on what their marketing is promising. Green Tribes is the partner to customize the formulas to support the marketing story of the brand.

Entrepreneurs struggle to launch their unique brand because of the upfront costs and high minimum order requirements. Green Tribes has the flexibility to customize its high performing portfolio of products or develop a formula from scratch that works for the budget while being able to support the growth of the brand through all the stages of growth.

Our Client Testimonials

Read some of our amazing client reviews.

  • "Working with Green Tribes Manufacturing continues to be a second to none experience. They helped me navigate the difficult world of product manufacturing and chemical processing all while promptly answering my questions in the midst of a pandemic. Green Tribes' premium ingredients, portfolio of formulas, and industry experience gave our brand a distinct advantage in our category. TRYBE Hair Care would not be the brand it is without the hard work and expertise of the Green Tribes Manufacturing team!"

    - Ryan Terrell
    Co-founder and Director of TRYBE Haircare

    "Green Tribes has been an amazing manufacturing partner for our business. They are true professionals and put a huge emphasis on making sure that each product and formulation is exactly what we need, and get us samples in a timely manner. Working with Green Tribes has allowed us to shift and pivot our brand initiatives as the market demands and grows because of their expertise and unparalleled knowledge on product development. Whether you are looking to white label, or work with their team to create your own brand specific formulations, Green Tribes will surely exceed your expectations."

    - Tyler Murphy
    Director of COVE Haircare, RPM, and Crisp

  • "I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 40 years. After working with many different manufacturers and brands, each which required their own particulars and unique attention, the decision came for me to create my own brand and line of beauty products. I wanted to combine the best of everything I had experienced, and turn it into one line of products which could provide everything anyone would ever need to look and feel their best at all times. I can confidently say that my experience and time spent with Green Tribe Manufacturing has been nothing short of amazing. Given the difficulties of sourcing bottles and ingredients, especially during these uncertain times, their work has been miraculous. From formulations, to labeling and fragrances, their meticulous attention to detail and prompt turnaround proves several times over their level of professionalism and quality. In the creative field, I am often very specific and particular about my demands in the way something I would like to bring to reality should be done, and Green Tribe has been saintly with their compassion and patience in listening to my each and every request. We ascended the paradigm of private labeling to my own needs, knowing exactly what I wanted. They listened to my criteria, and we have since launched three products, with two more in the works. I genuinely am thankful for their professionalism and workmanship, and cannot wait to see what else we create together moving forward."

    - XX Arous

    "I have done business with them for over 10 years. Shannon is not only extremely helpful with ingredients to get the expected end products, but she is also very flexible in her manner of work. My shipments are always on time and she consistently works within my budget.
    To find a company that will work with smaller minimums is almost impossible, but to find a company that does so and is also a pleasure to work with? Top grade."

    - Beth Di Maio
    President, Healium Hair Inc.